Q STAT Retractable Safety Syringes
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3 and 5 ml available now.
1 and 10 ml available soon.

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In the U.S. 2,000 healthcare workers a year become infected with hepatitis C, and 400 contract hepatitis B because of needlestick transmission.

The Q STAT Safety Syringe can make a difference.

CE certification

ISO 13485 Certified

The 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Q STAT retractable safety syringes all have CE certification and meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

The Q STAT Team

Q STAT has a core team of committed professionals. Q STAT headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Bruce Ingram

Dr Bruce Ingram O.A.M. B.Sc. M.B.B.S

[Chairmain and Medical Director]

Bruce has 32 years experience as a medical practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of the issues pertaining to infection control and needlestick injury.
Bruce is the inventor of the Q STAT technology and is actively involved in product development and the commercialisation process.

Richard Eason

Richard Eason

[CEO and Marketing]

Richard has over 25 years experience in marketing and commercialisation of new products and co-owning and operating various small busineses. Richard has previously established manufacturing partnerships in Taiwan and developed sales channels in various overseas markets such as the USA, Canada and the UK.
Richard is currently responsible for steering the busines through the start-up commercialisation phase. This has included developing the marketing strategy and distributor relationships, and establishing manufacturing facilities and partnerships.

Gerald Suttie

Gerald Suttie

[Engineering - Tooling and Injection Molding]

Gerard is manager of PMG Engineering Services Pty Ltd, a privately owned company based in Braeside, Victoria. PMG offers a range of in-house services to the plastics industry including product design, tooling design, tool making, material selection, injection moulding, vacuum metalising, high and low volume production, packaging, assembly and distribution.
PMG provide manufacturing services to a wide range of industries including Medical, Food and Beverage, Point of Sale.
Gerard works on product design and development, tooling, moulding and quality. His experience and expertise with high speed multi-cavity tooling is essential to ensure quality parts are produced.

Andrew Ingram

Andrew Ingram B.Com (Melb)

[Company Secretary]

Andrew has had a successful career spanning accounting, project management, financial and auditing roles. Recent positions included Financial Consultant to the United Nations System, Former Finance Director for the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and currently the Intérnal Auditor for the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). Andrew brings financial and business stewardship to Q STAT.

Tim Adam

Tim Adam B.E.Mech {Hons)

[Engineering - Product Development and Automation]

Tim is co-owner of Lateral Engineering Pty Ltd, and has 25 years industry experience. Lateral Engineering specialise in improving the performance of a manufacturing operation with a “hands-on” consultancy approach. Projects range across product development, automation design and development and production systems.
Tim works on product design and development, automation design and machinery performance. All the assembly equipment for the Q STAT Syringe is custom designed. Its on-going development is pivotal to improving production performance.

Michael Filgate

Michael Filgate B.E.Mech (Hons)

[Engineering - Automation, Inspection Systems and Production]

Michael is co-owner with Tim Adam of Lateral Engineering and has over 25 years industry experience.
Michael works on product design, quality inspection systems and factory performance. As the business expands the automated inspection systems will become more important to ensuring quality production.

Dr Frank Kubic

Dr Frank Kubic PhD, MBA, MEng

[Production, Quality Systems and Regulations]

Dr. Frank Kubik has been in the medical device industry for 25 years. Through his career he gained vast experience in the medical device industry including marketing, product and business development, engineering, manufacturing, process technology, quality assurance and regulatory affairs of single-use, reusable and active medical devices. His work experience covers MNCs, PLCs as well as SMI (small-medium-industries) in Germany, Australia and Malaysia.
As a professional engineer majoring in plastic technology, an MBA in General Management and a PhD in Quality Management he has (co-) founded various medical device manufacturing (also green field operations), distribution and consulting companies based in Malaysia.
Frank is responsible for overseeing all production, quality and regulatory aspects of the manufacturing operations.

Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson Bachelor of Business

[Corporate Advisor]

Neil is a business leader and entrepreneur with corporate, start up, founder and public company experience across a 35-year career.
A successful practioner in the digital and technology domain and extensive experience in general management and CEO management across private and public scenarios.
Strong experience across government and commercial organisations and a deep focus on the importance of imformation access and analysis to enable business efficiency and effectiveness.
Neil brings a corporate approach to growing Q STAT.

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