Q STAT Retractable Safety Syringes
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3 and 5 ml available now.
1 and 10 ml available soon.

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59 percent of medical students said they had sustained one or more needlestick injuries. Nearly half of them did not report their injury to an employee health office -- Johns Hopkins study, 2009

The Q STAT Safety Syringe can make a difference.

CE certification

ISO 13485 Certified

The 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Q STAT retractable safety syringes all have CE certification and meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Q STAT - The Safety Injection Technology Company

Q STAT is a private Australian medical technology company formed to acquire and commercialise a range of unique user controlled auto-retractable syringes.

Q STAT has secured a major plastics group experienced in the medical device field as its manufacturing partner.

Richard Eason - CEO
Dr. Bruce Ingram, M.B.B.S. B.Sc. - Chief Medical Officer

Q STAT Pty Ltd
58 Harold St.
East Hawthorn  Vic  3123

Phone:  0419 585 851
International: +613 5775 1450
                    +614 19 585 851

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