Q STAT Retractable Safety Syringes
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3 and 5 ml available now.
1 and 10 ml available soon.

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In the U.S. 2,000 healthcare workers a year become infected with hepatitis C, and 400 contract hepatitis B because of needlestick transmission.

The Q STAT Safety Syringe can make a difference.

CE certification

ISO 13485 Certified

The 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Q STAT retractable safety syringes all have CE certification and meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Instructions for the Q STAT retractable safety syringe

Download a pdf file of the instructions for use

select and attach needle


Select the appropriate gauge and length of needle required and attach via the luer lock connection. Remove needle cover.

prime safety mechanism


Prime the safety mechanism by depressing the plunger. You will feel a subtle click.

draw up medication


Draw up the medication in accordance with established protocol.

administer medication


Administer medication in accordance with established protocols.

At the end of injection the safety retraction mechanism is automatically activated, no extra push is required.

needle retracts automatically


Needle retraction occurs when full dose is administered and pressure is slowly released from the plunger. Syringe is disabled when fully retracted.

This product allows needle retraction to be initiated inside the patient, or outside the patient, according to your institution’s protocol.



Discard immediately in nearest sharps container.

Please Note: Please Note:

Do not use 3ml and 5ml Q STAT syringes with needles longer than 1.5 inches (38mm)

Do not use 10ml Q STAT syringes with needles longer than 2 inches (51mm)

Fluid may leak from needle after activation

Do not use with needle-less access ports

Do not use if packaging is damaged

Latex Free

Single Use device. Do not Resterilize.