Q STAT Retractable Safety Syringes
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3 and 5 ml available now.
1 and 10 ml available soon.

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Second only to back injuries as a cause of occupational injury amongst National Health Service workers, an ongoing Royal College of Nursing surveillance project suggests that as many as 100,000 needlestick accidents occur in the UK every year. -- www.saferneedles.org.uk

The Q STAT Safety Syringe can make a difference.

CE certification

ISO 13485 Certified

The 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Q STAT retractable safety syringes all have CE certification and meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

The Q STAT Features and Advantages

Healthcare workers exposed to needles are at risk of needlestick injuries which can lead to fatal infections.

The Q STAT syringe reduces this risk by automatically retracting and locking at the end of the dosing ensuring a single use safety device.

The Q STAT syringe has a user controlled rate of needle retraction.

Competitor syringes have a rapid and uncontrolled rate of needle retraction wich increases the risk of lacerating the tissue as the needle leaves the body.

The Q STAT syringe uses standard Luer needles which can be exchanged between drawing-up and injecting. This procedure is world's best practice.

Uses Luer Needles

Competitor devices have either fixed or proprietary needles.

The Q STAT syringe minimises inventory as syringes can be procured independently of the needles.

The Q STAT syringe works like a conventional syringe with a light press to trigger the safety mechanism.

Competitor syringes require high thumb force at the end of dosing to trigger the needle retraction.

User Controlled Retraction


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